From 1 February in HCN Barge also automatic cut-off unloading/loading lists for all visits to APMTR

The automatic cut-off of unloading/loading lists in Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Barge will also apply for all visits to APM Terminals Rotterdam (APMTR) from 1 February 2021 at 15.00 hours. By using a cut-off, APMTR can properly prepare the visits of barges. The cut-off is also a next step towards the go-live of the integral planning by Nextlogic.

Cut-off times

For the pre-announcement of full containers, APMTR uses a cut-off of 4 hours before the scheduled arrival time at the terminal. If you only bring empty containers, the cut-off is 1 hour before the scheduled arrival. You can read all details about the new working method in this earlier message regarding the unloading/loading list.

More information

On Portbase Support, you can find extensive information about the implementation of the cut-off of unloading/loading lists at the various terminals and about other new functionalities in HCN Barge.

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