Launch of Cargo Declaration Export 2.0 big step closer

Cargo Declaration Export 2.0 is nearing its market launch. In recent weeks, a pilot project was initiated involving several shipbrokers, in which the submission of manifests to customs was tested live. The responses from the participants were very positive. Portbase is now processing their feedback and will then extend the pilot further. From the fourth quarter of 2021, all members of the port community will be able to start using the completely updated service in practice.

Containers and trailers
Notification Cargo Export 2.0 works for both the container and ferry sectors. Both port segments participated in the pilot. The pilot is the ultimate test of whether what has been conceived works in practice. In the pilot project, clients prepared and sent manifests together with Portbase. As a result, a few more ‘must haves’ that are important to everyone were identified for the new service. These are now being addressed, along with some easy-to-achieve ‘nice to haves’. In general, the pilot participants were very satisfied with Cargo Declaration Export 2.0’s intuitive operation, the improvement in matching transhipment shipments and how easy it is to use when checking and submitting customs manifests. We would like to thank all the parties for their input.

Route to commissioning
As an existing customer, we will send you further information well before migrating you to Cargo Declaration Export 2.0 this autumn. In addition, various instructional materials will be made available on Portbase Support in due course. You will notice the improvements in Cargo Declaration Export 2.0 especially in:

  • The focus on manifestos that require attention
  • Easier searching and clear overview
  • Easier filtering via tabs
  • More equipment visible on one page (500 instead of 25), so you can deal with it all in one go
  • Improved linking of transhipments
  • Timeline for an accurate view of the steps performed

Further information
If you have any questions about Cargo Declaration Export 2.0, our Sales Manager Michiel de Ruiter will be happy to help. You can reach him on +31(0)88 625 25 33 or at