Mandatory slot requests for visits to rail terminals of ECT Delta, Euromax and RWG

Elk treinbezoek vooraf aanmelden

From the 1st of November 2022, for all train visits to the ECT Delta terminal, the ECT Euromax terminal and RWG slot requests will be mandatory for rail operators. This can be done through the Portbase service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN).

The mandatory slot requests in the port of Rotterdam mark the completion of the first step of the ‘Rail Connected’ development programme. Rail operators request a terminal slot via the service HCN and the terminals accept or reject generated visits. As long as a visit has not been accepted by a terminal, the pre-notifications will not be processed by the terminal operating system.


  • Centralised requesting of terminal slots through Hinterland Container Notification
  • Pre-created rotation templates allow for easy processing of rotations every week
  • Terminal capacity can be optimised
  • Traction suppliers can get up to date insights in container handlings at the terminals

Hans Nagtegaal, Director Containers at the Port of Rotterdam Authority:

“The pre-notification of trains via Hinterland Container Notification marks a wonderful step in digitising the exchange of data between chain parties. This step constitutes the first in a series of identified improvements that are being addressed within the Rail Connected programme. It is good to see that through collaboration in the sector, the rail product is further improving.”

Practical information
Through the web services of HCN, you can now use the rotation templates to create templates for your scheduled visits to the ECT Delta terminal, the ECT Euromax terminal and RWG.

Click here for more information about the rotation templates
Click here for the instructions and process agreements for the pre-notification of train visits

Have you not yet made any agreements with Portbase about getting started with the pre-notification of trains? Then please contact