Monthly payments from 2023 and indexation

Monthly billing based on usage
As of January 2023, the billing method will change. From then on, Portbase will start billing monthly in arrears, based on actual usage. Portbase will send out monthly invoices based on transactions per month from 1 January 2023. The reason for the change is to provide transparency on usage and avoid unexpected additional charges.

Amendments to general terms and conditions
In view of the above change, a number of amendments have been made to article 9 (reimbursement) and article 10 (payment and billing) of the general terms and conditions. In these articles, the provisions on advance and final invoices have been changed to monthly billing based on actual usage. Click here for the amended articles.

Indexation in 2023
We would also like to inform you about the indexation of prices in 2023. Because of high inflation, Portbase is facing additional price increases. To cover these costs, Portbase will be indexing subscription rates* only by 8.1% (in accordance with the CPI) from January 2023. Portbase will be applying indexation in order to break even and indexing subscription rates will be sufficient to achieve that in 2023. Transaction rates will not be indexed.

We trust to have informed you sufficiently. If you have any questions, please contact Sales on +31 88 6252534 or your direct contact person.