New data service Discharge Confirmation to speed up your logistical process

Imagine that your in-house system could receive immediate notification the moment a container was unloaded from the sea-going vessel on which it arrived.
It can, when you integrate our new data service Discharge Confirmation.
This enables you, in turn, to automatically confirm your preliminary declaration to Customs or submit the follow-up declaration, all from within your in-house system. Customs can then process these messages straight away, without you having to do anything else. And your container can quickly re-enter the logistic chain.

This new Portbase service was created in response to Customs’ introduction of the Container Release Message in 2019. Following the introduction of the Message (and unlike in the current situation), it will be possible to submit or finalise follow-up declarations only after a vessel has actually arrived in the port. The moment at which the container is discharged is the most reliable point in the process to use as a trigger for further action.

Data service
Discharge Confirmation is what is known as a data service. It involves combining specific fields from existing Portbase services into a single dataset. You can then implement these within your own in-house system as you see fit. Access to the data in Portbase’s system is arranged using APIs.

Max Wiertz from Customs forwarder SGS Maco:
“As a Customs forwarder, we took part in the pilot for the data service Discharge Confirmation. While on its face, the service is fairly straightforward, it’s proving to be extremely useful. We are plugging the data set directly into our own Customs software. This enables us to automatically submit the entry of goods declaration to Customs at the instant the containers arrive. Which makes it possible for our clients to pick up their containers from the terminal much faster, too.”

Benefits of the data service Discharge Confirmation
The data service Discharge Confirmation provides you with reliable, real-time discharge information straight from the source. This eliminates the need for your employees to call or email the terminal, or closely monitor the terminal website, in order to find out the time of discharge. You can adjust the settings of your in-house system to automatically launch follow-up actions. In that way, the preliminary declaration can be confirmed or a follow-up declaration submitted without any further intervention on your part. That means no one at your company will need to work at the weekends (or outside regular hours).

More information
Further information on how the data service Discharge Confirmation works – and how to connect to the service – can be found on our website.
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