Portbase officially service provider of iSHARE

Portbase has officially assumed the position of service provider of iSHARE. After 2 years of collaborating, developing, building, testing and co-writing on the iSHARE concept and the associated system of agreements, director Iwan van der Wolf has signed the official contract with the iSHARE Foundation.

With the signing, Portbase makes it possible for the port community to organise data sharing in an easily accessible and secure manner, also for parties that are not Portbase customers. The first transactions via iSHARE will be made in practice soon. Van der Wolf: “With this innovative vision in mind, we started 3 years ago as a launching partner of iSHARE. Data sharing should become easier and more accessible for our existing customers, especially also in relation to parties ‘further down’ the chain – without the need for these parties to also be Portbase customers. After many sessions with other leading parties, we can now say that this is the case. Our participation as a service provider confirms the belief in the potential that iSHARE offers.”

Data sharing to the next level
Clarity about which party is allowed to do what with which data is a pre-requisite for parties within the port community in order to raise data sharing to the next level. Furthermore, the current, often bilateral mutual agreements on identity, rights and authorisations regarding data are inefficient and properly arranging this is a highly time-consuming process for companies. The implementation of iSHARE makes this a thing of the past, because all parties with an iSHARE contract are aware of each other’s rights and obligations, meaning fewer agreements need to be made. From now on, it is possible to indicate at the individual asset level that a party actually has a task to fulfil in the chain and that it is therefore important that said party be allowed to receive specific information. This speeds up processes and ensures chain optimisation.

Smarter ports
The implementation of iSHARE in current and future services allows Portbase, its community and affiliated companies to exchange more information throughout the entire chain and enables the Dutch ports to operate more smartly. It constitutes a unique, secure and controlled solution for providing access to data. And this does not only benefit the ports themselves, but also the competitive position of the Netherlands on the whole.

On the photo: Iwan van der Wolf of Portbase (l) and Douwe Lycklama of Stichting iSHARE (r)