Pre-notification via Portbase simplifies visits to UWT

As of today, at 10 AM, hauliers are able to use the Portbase service HCN Road to pre-notify containers at the UWT locations Bunschotenweg and Waalhaven Westzijde. Following the pre-notification, the required status information is automatically sent. From Wednesday the 15th of February, it will be mandatory to pre-notify visits and make use of the TAR code and Cargo Card.



UWT will connect two depots to the Portbase service HCN Road. This brings the following benefits: 

  • One single window for a growing number of terminals and depots 
  • Advance insight into container status through status requests and pre-notifications 
  • Easy access to the UWT depots via TAR code (Truck Appointment Reference) 
  • No longer necessary to call at the service desk 
  • Pre-notifying a container: during the day, at night and at the weekend 
  • Your drivers are in and out of the terminal faster 

Practical information

As of today, you can immediately start pre-notifying. If you make use of HCN Road through a system interface, you will find the required codes below. We have also communicated these codes to your software supplier.

Depot   Address  Zipcode  EAN-code   Edifact   SMDG  
UWT   Bunschotenweg 160   3089KC   8713755903541   NLRTM + UWT   NLRTMUWT  
WHT  Waalhaven Westzijde 60   3089KR   8713755047085   NLRTM + WHT   NLRTMWHT  

Click here to see the overview of the terminal-specific message codes. 


Glad to be of assistance 

Should you have any questions, then Portbase Customer Service will be happy to assist you. They can be reached via and/or at +31 88 625 25 25.