UWT will phase in implementation of Pre-notification via Portbase

Please note! The go-live date of Pre-notification via Portbase at UWT has been changed. You can visit UWT without prior notification until further notice. However, pre-notification is still required for night and weekend visits. This can be done using the known alternative methods. Please, read the updated information below.

The empty depots UWT Bunschotenweg and UWT Waalhaven will phase in the pre-notification via Portbase. The reason for this is to spread the pressure at the UWT desks. A pilot with four hauliers is currently running. Scaling up will gradually take place and more hauliers will be connected. After the pre-notification, you will automatically receive status information. For visits at night and in the weekend, pre-notification and the possession of a cargo card remain required for both UWT locations. This can be done via Portbase as well as via the known alternative methods.

The benefits
UWT Bunschotenweg and UWT Waalhaven are the first empty depots to start using the Portbase services Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Road / Road Planning EDI. The benefits:
• You can optimally plan each visit to both empty depots
• Advance insight into the booking status and/or acceptance of an empty container
• Easy access to the depot via TAR code (Truck Appointment Reference)
• Smoother process at the service desk
• Faster trip across the depot
• One single portal for the entire port: pre-notification via Port Community System

TAR code and time slots
When pre-notifying, you also request a time slot from UWT. The TAR code that you receive via Portbase next offers your driver easy access to the depot. Please note! For the time being, only one container is linked to a TAR code.  UWT uses three time slots: one for during the day (6 am to 10 pm) one for at night (10 pm to 6 am) and one for the weekend (Saturday 6 am to 12 am).

Commercial Manager Willem Beskers of UWT: “Pre-notification and cargo card possession is mandatory for visiting our Bunschotenweg and Waalhaven facilities at night and during the weekend. For reasons of safety and efficiency, only drivers who have been pre-notified will be granted access at those times. In time, we will also make pre-notification mandatory during the daytime.”

Practical information
You will receive a separate message about when you can pre-notify your visit to both empty depots. Do you work from your own system via HCN Road API or Road Planning EDI? Then consult the table below for the necessary codes. We have also communicated these to your software supplier.

  EAN code Location code (edifact) Location code (XML/SMDG)
UWT Depot Bunschotenweg 8713755903541 NLRTM + UWT NLRTMUWT
UWT Depot Waalhaven 8713755047085 NLRTM + WHT NLRTMWHT

Do you have any questions? The Portbase Service Desk will gladly assist you. You can reach us at servicedesk@portbase.com and at +31 (0)88 625 25 25.