R.B.C./Cetem connected to Hinterland Container Notification Road

R.B.C. terminal

Visits to R.B.C./Cetem simplified by pre-notifying via Portbase

As of today, Monday the 1st of August, hauliers are able to pre-notify containers at R.B.C./Cetem through the Portbase service HCN Road. The pre-notifications will be mandatory as of Thursday the 1st of September. Following the pre-notification, you will automatically receive a TAR code and status information.

R.B.C./Cetem is the next location to start making use of the Portbase service HCN Road. This offers the following advantages: 

  • One single window for the entire port: pre-notification via Port Community System (PCS) 
  • Advance insight into container status through status requests and pre-notifications 
  • Easy access to the depot via TAR code (Truck Appointment Reference) 
  • No longer necessary to visit the service desk 
  • Pre-notifying a visit during the day

 TAR code and time slots
When pre-notifying at R.B.C./Cetem, you are also requesting a time slot. The TAR code that you receive via Portbase gives your driver easy access to the depot. R.B.C./Cetem uses a time slot from 06:00 to 20.30 hours.

Jorg Kleijn, Manager Business Development of RBC Terminal:

“In the current setting, drivers still have to report to the counter when visiting R.B.C. Pre-notification in Portbase saves the driver time and shortens the visit to our terminal.”

Practical information
You can start pre-notifying as of Monday the 1st of August. If you make use of HCN Road through a system interface, you will find the required codes in the table below. 

HCN Road  R.B.C. Terminal/Cetem 
Postal code  3197 LD 
Address  Westgeulstraat 6 
EAN  8713755299484 
Short name  RBCT 
Location code (edifact)  NLRTM + CETA 
Location code (XML/SMDG)  NLRTMCETA 

View the overview of terminal-specific message codes here.

Glad to be of assistance
Should you have any questions, then Portbase Customer Service will be happy to assist you. They can be reached via customerservice@portbase.com and/or at +31 88 625 25 25.