Safe access to the Port Community System

There has been a lot of communication concerning the security leak in Microsoft Internet Explorer over the past few days. Various stories about the leak have been featured in the media. Portbase adheres to the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) guidelines.

The NCSC advises you to be careful when visiting websites which are new to you or which you do not trust. They advise the same when clicking on hyper links in e-mails. This means you can continue to use Internet Explorer as long as you only visit trusted websites.

Portbase’s Port Community System (PCS) has been optimised for use with Internet Explorer. It is safe to visit the Port Community System using Explorer as long as you take the recommended safety precautions (like installing a firewall and anti-virus software).

Please note that if you continue to use Internet Explorer as your standard browser, we cannot guarantee that all of PCS’s services will operate fully in Internet Explorer’s safe mode.

We recommend that you use another browser, like Chrome or Firefox, to visit other (new) websites.

You can reach the Service Desk by phone or by e-mail if you have any questions ( or +31 (0)88 – 625 25 25).