Start of construction of Single Window link

Portbase has started working on the timely connection of the Port Community System to the government’s new Single Window. The impact of this government measure may be significant for shipping companies, shipbrokers and agents, but Portbase is negating the effects for the companies by making a link with the Single Window from the Port Community System, soon no companies will have to enter the same details twice in two different systems.

The data that you are already submitting via the Port Community System will be pushed through automatically. Companies don’t need to invest in new links themselves. For the extra information that the government needs for the Single Window, Portbase is developing the Port Community System further over the next few months. The main addition will be the service Notification Crew and Passenger Data. Portbase is developing this new service in collaboration with a workgroup from the business world. The most practical solution is therefore possible in mutual coordination.

Single Window
The Single Window is the Dutch implementation of a European Union initiative for creating a Maritime Single Window. Each Member State will be required to set up one central point for all vessel-related notifications. The Netherlands is adding Customs messages to this. The launch will take place in stages. Portbase will of course first focus on making the Port Community System ready for stage 1 in time, working in close collaboration with the various authorities concerned, including port authorities, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, Customs, the Seaport Police and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. Everything within Portbase is focused on being finished in time so that companies don’t need to notice anything about the new government measure.