Status of new service Notification Local Clearance 2.0

You were recently connected to Notification Local Clearance 2.0. Using the latest technology, this service has now been completely rebuilt from the ground up. This will enable us to – automatically and under water – submit the obligatory local clearance notifications to the Single Window for maritime and air on your behalf. You needn’t worry about a thing – it’s all taken care of. This connection was a chief priority in light of the deadlines issued by Customs.

Various clients have since informed us that Notification Local Clearance 2.0 still lacks certain user possibilities (functionalities). We are aware of these shortcomings and offer our sincere apologies that our communication in this area fell short. Within the limits of our available capacity, our first priority was to comply with the legal obligation from Customs. Together with a working group chosen from your peers, we will be determining in the near future which missing user possibilities it will be possible to add for you in August and September.

More information
We naturally intend to keep you informed of our progress. Should you have any questions about using Notification Local Clearance 2.0, we will be happy to help. Our Service Desk is available at +31 (0)88 625 25 25 and
We have also provided a handbook for your benefit, along with a list of many frequently asked questions and their answers. Both can be found in the service, under the Support heading.