‘Use of Portbase provides assurance about shipping’

Since the beginning of 2013, German forwarder Leschaco has been a satisfied customer of Portbase services such as the service Notification Export Documentation. The globally operating company has headquarters in Bremen and operates in all branches of logistics services. “We also use the Port of Rotterdam, of course. That applies to chemical cargoes in particular,” explains Susanne Lotz, Team Manager for EDI/ Development. “For the transportation that we do for customers in the South-west and west of Germany, Rotterdam’s easy accessibility by water is an advantage. For shipping companies, it is often the last loading port in north-west Europe too. And it goes without saying that Rotterdam is our first choice for Dutch import and export.”

Obvious benefits
In the two years plus that Leschaco has been using the service Notification Export Documentation, the benefits have become more than obvious. Suzanne Lotz explains: “It assures us that containers are always being shipped properly. It also saves us time, as we no longer need to send any documents with shipments. The status information that Portbase sends back to us also enables us to monitor the course of the transport.”

Choice of system interface
Leschaco uses the service Notification Export Documentation through a system interface. Suzanne Lotz explains: “By communicating directly with Portbase from our own ERP system, there’s no need for our staff to manually retype any data. The status information that we get back from Portbase about the cargo is visible to our staff straight away in our own ERP system, making it very easy to use. And should there be an issue, the Portbase Service Desk will always be at our side quickly and in an expert manner.”