A no-deal Brexit on 31 October? Never fear: you’ll be prepared!

You will receive instructional material on using your Portbase services after the summer

A new deadline by which the United Kingdom will leave the European Union has been established: 31 October 2019. Now that Boris Johnson is set to become the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the no-deal Brexit scenario has become a very real possibility. In that case, customs obligations will immediately go into effect for transport in and out of the Dutch ports. But never fear: you will be well prepared before then! That’s because you signed up for the chain-wide ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ solution earlier this year. In doing so, you also registered for participation in one or more Portbase services.

We will assist you via instructional materials
It will be vital, of course, that you and your employees are well-informed on the best
way to use the Portbase services following the Brexit. That’s why we will send you instructional materials on how the services work well in advance of 31 October. These materials will walk you through the various services, step by step. You will see exactly which information you need to submit and what details you will receive in return. If you have any remaining questions, please consult the FAQs on our Support pages or contact our Service Desk via servicedesk@portbase.com.

For your convenience, here are the service pages for all our Brexit services:
Notification Import Documentation
Notification Export Documentation and Track & Trace
Import Status
Additional instructional materials will be added to these pages in the coming period.

More Portbase services post-Brexit
In addition to the chain-wide ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ solution, Portbase offers even more services that will streamline your post-Brexit customs formalities considerably. For instance: the service Declaration Food and Consumer Products for declaring veterinary cargoes. Following the Brexit, it will be possible to use this service for cargoes transported both by container and trailer. Other options that can be used for container transport are: the service Transit Declaration for follow-up declarations, Inspections Portal for comprehensive oversight of potential customs inspections, Notification Local Clearance for making use of streamlined customs procedures and Cargo Information for direct access to your own Bills of Lading (B/L’s) on board the ships.

Further details on each service can be found on the service pages of our website. You can sign up to participate straight away via the website as well.