Corporate story

Portbase makes supply chains running through the Netherlands stronger and smarter. Based on this philosophy, over 130 employees work every day to improve the competitive position of the Netherlands. Portbase is a non-profit organisation that operates at the intersection of IT and logistics. We operate as an IT company and as a logistics service provider. We are both, which makes us strong. Portbase knows the market, the players and their interests. We bring parties together, initiate chain agreements and work together on solutions that make Dutch ports and their supply chains attractive to companies that want to transport goods via Europe.

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  • Secure Chain

    Portbase was asked by the Secure Chain to make the process of releasing and collecting import containers in the Port of Rotterdam more secure and reliable.
  • Maersk schip

    Import Control System (ICS2)

    Import Control System (ICS2) New legislation for process of Entry for the maritime sector The European Union is introducing the Import Control System 2 (ICS2) for the maritime sector on 3 June 2024. This will significantly change the declarations for the ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) and ATO (Declaration to Temporary Storage). Together with industry organisations […]
  • Hinterland

    Teaming up for hinterland efficiency In consultation with you, we are working on improvements, solutions and innovations for hinterland transport. For future-proof container transport by road, water and rail. By sharing information with each other digitally, the Dutch port gets smarter. Planning in 3 phases Standard Portbase Service Yes, we are adding a lot in […]