APM Terminals Maasvlakte II shares extra data elements in Cargo Controller

Sharing reliable data is essential to keep the logistics chain running smoothly, this is something Portbase and APM Terminals Maasvlakte II (APMT MVII) fully believe in. APMT MVII is sharing additional data elements in Cargo Controller effective immediately. Through this cooperation, they enable the industry to work more efficiently and safely, in one central platform.

“APMT MVII wants to become Europe’s most modern gateway, sharing crucial data that helps the chain to increase reliability is an important part of that” says Harold Kunst, Managing Director of APMT MVII.

Therefore, from now on, the following additional data elements are available in Cargo Controller:

  • ETA/ETD vessel
  • Gate out – only available after nomination of carrier (Secure Chain)

* APM has the right to change or alter these conditions. All parties involved will be properly informed of any changes to the conditions ahead of time.

”We see in the market that there is great demand for reliable data, coming directly from the terminals, and we are happy that we can cater to this need through this collaboration, to serve the port community. By doing so, we have laid the foundation of how we can share data, to build Europe’s smartest ports together” states Iwan van der Wolf, Managing Director of Portbase.

Your benefits
The terminal data now available in the Portbase service Cargo Controller is going to move the port forward. Making APMT MVII data available offers you the following benefits:

  • Reliable data directly from the terminal
  • Data from various sources centrally available in the Port Community System (PCS)
  • Greater efficiency in the logistics chain
  • Time savings due to fewer searches in various systems
  • Retention of relevant data

For more about the availability of terminal data in Cargo Controller, click here.