Cooperation agreement between Portbase and LOGINK

Portbase has signed a cooperation agreement with LOGINK, China’s national public platform for transport and logistics information sharing. The goal of this agreement is to provide a basis for further cooperation in information exchange for cross-border logistics between China and the Netherlands, such as container status, vessel status information and other logistics information services. Next to this, Portbase and LOGINK will also work together on the research and promotion of relevant standards in close co-operation with the International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA).

The cooperation was announced during a visit of LOGINK together with the China Transport Telecommunications & Information center to Rotterdam.


LOGINK is a government owned entity established by the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China at 2011. LOGINK connects numerous logistics information platforms and enterprise systems in order to make full use of social resources by developing cross-embedded logistics information flow across regions and across industries. LOGINK plays an important role in the Belt and Road Initiatives and would like to cooperate with partners all over the world.

Back row:

  • Yizhou Wu, Director of LOGINK
  • Dirk Baayen – Business Consultant Strategy & Innovation, Portbase
  • Marten van der Velde – Manager Strategy & Innovation, Portbase
  • Lin Yin, Deputy Director General CTTIC, Ministry of Transport
  • Mees van der Wiel – Business Consultant Strategy & Innovation, Portbase
  • Huiting Yang, Engineer, CTTIC, Ministry of Transport / LOGINK

Front row:

  • Tengda Sun, Director of Data Application Unit, CTTIC, Ministry of Transport / Director General of LOGINK
  • Iwan van der Wolf, CEO Portbase

Brexit postponement

Brexit is again postponed. The European Union has submitted a draft decision for the extension of the Article 50 deadline to 31 January 2020 to the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has agreed to this and there is therefore an extension until 31 January 2020.

What does this mean for Portbase?

Portbase is Ready for Brexit. All system changes have been made (ready in March 29, 2019) and optimizations for logistics handling are ready. Portbase will focus in the coming period on supporting affiliated companies in knowledge transfer of the use of the system.

What now?

It is not yet clear what the United Kingdom wants to do. Multiple end scenarios are still possible as a result of the UK internal discussions. In the Netherlands, we await the outcome of the internal process in the United Kingdom. It remains important that all parties involved prepare themselves. After all, deal or no deal Brexit creates a border and therefore customs formalities.
The next date for a possible no-deal is January 31, 2020. The period up to January 31, 2020 still offers prospects for the UK’s orderly departure from the EU, with the withdrawal agreement.

More information? Visit

For forwarders or customs agents: service Notification Local Clearance also suitable for shortsea and ferry terminals

After Brexit, thanks to the service Notification Local Clearance (following linkage via Cargo Information), you as a forwarder or customs agent will also be able to submit local clearance notifications for import shipments arriving at the newly participating shortsea and ferry terminals. Local clearance notifications are possible for containers, for trailers and for ro-ro cargo. You can also submit notifications under your customer’s permit number via Notification Local Clearance. Please note: the terminal location must be included in the local clearance permit. Make sure the permit holder informs Customs of the terminal location in good time!

Want to know more?
Go to for all information about the Dutch chain solution or go to for more details about the Portbase services.

You are not ready for Brexit without a terminal contract with the shortsea and ferry terminals!

For existing Notification Import Documentation customers:

In order to prenotify import documents to shortsea and ferry terminals as a result of Brexit, existing customers of the service Notification Import Documentation also need to sign a supplementary terminal contract with the shortsea and ferry terminals in question. To this end, Portbase has drawn up a single umbrella contract in consultation with these terminals. This will allow us to limit your administrative costs, now and in the future. As an existing customer, you can send a request for the umbrella contract to and return it signed.

Need help using Portbase? View the new support pages

Portbase Support is the new central location on the web for all questions about working with the Portbase services. You’ll find essential instructional videos, quick guides, frequently asked questions and much more that will help you make good use of the Portbase services there. We will also shortly be posting a customer journey on how to use the Portbase services after Brexit.

Still having problems? You’ll also find all the options for contacting our Service Desk, etc. at Portbase Support.

As a forwarder or customs agent, are you ready for Brexit?

With a no-deal Brexit, many parties will be coming to you for assistance as a freight forwarder or customs agent. Are you ready for that? Without you, the logistic chain will seize up after Brexit. You are an indispensable link. In order to avoid problems, we have a brief checklist for you:

For export:

  • do you perform pre-notifications to the terminal for your customers?
  • are you already connected to the Portbase service Notification Export Documentation via the web or EDI to enable you to do so?

For import:

  • do you perform pre-notifications to the terminal for your customers?
  • are you already connected to the Portbase service Notification Import Documentation via the web or EDI to enable you to do so?
  • have you already signed the terminal contract to use the service Notification Import Documentation at shortsea and ferry terminals via Portbase? You can contact us to have this arranged.

Please note! If you work via EDI and prenotify import documents to ferry terminals on behalf of your customers, you must use the updated EDI messages for Notification Import Documentation in your software. To be on the safe side, check this with your software supplier or IT department.

If you are not yet using Notification Import Documentation and/or Notification Export Documentation, please sign up today with Portbase. You can read much more about the Dutch chain solution for Brexit at Get Ready for Brexit.

Barge and road transport will now pre-notify via Portbase at RST North as well

During the weekend of 19 and 20 October, Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals (RST) North was successfully migrated to a new Terminal Operating System.

As a result, from now on barge operators/road hauliers like yourself can prenotify your visits and containers using these Portbase services:

  1. Hinterland Container Notification Road (web and API interface),
  2. Road Planning (EDI)
  3. Barge Planning (soon to be replaced by Hinterland Container Notification Barge).

These services enable you to easily submit the loading and discharge lists to RST North. After that, you will automatically receive a response message from RST regarding the status of the containers. This makes it possible to optimally plan every visit and achieve a quicker turnaround time for your barge or truck at the terminal.

The pre-notification via Portbase is part of RST North’s implementation of a new Terminal Operating System (TOS). Through the introduction of this system and its complete transition to Portbase’s chain solutions, RST North intends to serve its customers even better in the future.

Please note: Prenotification of containers will become possible for RST Zuid in the course of 2020.

Pre-notification of Customs documents to take place via Portbase as well
From 21 October 2019, the pre-notification of Customs documents at RST North will be conducted solely via Portbase. This will be done via the Portbase services Notification Import Documentation and Notification Export Documentation. From the end of October on, it will no longer be possible to pre-notify Customs documents via the RST website

From now on, it will also be possible to pre-notify Customs documents to RST Zuid.

Logging into Port Community System will change in 2020

Security and convenience go hand in hand

Digital security is becoming ever more important. This is true within companies but definitely also for the exchange of information with the authorities and all the other links in the logistics chain. For this reason, Portbase will shortly be introducing a new way of logging into the Port Community System (PCS). In doing so, we are bringing ourselves into line with the latest security standards and we will be able to guarantee the security of everyone’s data in the PCS and the reliability of our services even better in the future.

What does this mean in practice?
From 1 January 2020, we will be asking all users of the PCS to create a new personal account before logging into Portbase. The procedure is very simple and only takes a few minutes. The new way of logging in is not only more secure but also easier. In future, a username and personal password chosen by you will be sufficient.

We are allowing two months in order to give everyone sufficient time for this transition. By 1 March 2020, every user of the PCS must have created their new account. From that date on, you will no longer be able to log in in the old way.

Want to know more?
Over the coming weeks and months, we will be providing further information to all users of the PCS about exactly which action(s) will be required to set up new accounts.

Pre-notification of Customs documents via Portbase now also possible at RST, CCT, Broekman Distriport and TMA

There is a real chance that the 31st of October 2019 will bring a no-deal Brexit. If that is the case, customs formalities will immediately come into effect for transport via the Dutch ports. Please note! If there is a no-deal Brexit, you do not have access to the Dutch terminals without customs documents that have been digitally pre-notified via Portbase. In the run-up to Brexit, the shortsea terminals mentioned underneath have connected to Portbase. Please read the current status of each terminal below.

1. RST (North and South): Pre-notification possible as of 21 October
As of 21 October, it will be possible to pre-notify documents at RST North and South. This applies to both import (Notification Import Documentation) and export (Notification Export Documentation). From this date onwards, it will also be possible to pre-notify road and barge transport at RST North. Further information can be found on RST’s website.
2. CCT Moerdijk: Pre-notification mandatory
Pre-notification of documents is already possible at CCT Moerdijk since May 2019. You must pre-notify both your import and export documentation. The pre-notification of your documents is mandatory at CCT Moerdijk.
3. Broekman Distriport: Pre-notification mandatory after Brexit
Pre-notification of documents at Broekman Distriport is already possible since June 2019 for all container cargo*. When Brexit enters into force, you must pre-notify both your import and export documentation. The pre-notification of your documents at Broekman Distriport will be mandatory from then onwards.

* Please note: Pre-notification via Broekman Distriport is only possible for container cargo. Pre-notification of break bulk, trailers and cargo is currently not yet possible.

4. TMA: Pre-notification mandatory after Brexit
Pre-notification of documents is already possible at TMA Amsterdam since June 2019. When Brexit enters into force, you must pre-notify both your import and export documentation. The pre-notification of your documents at TMA will be mandatory from then onwards.

Pre-notification of import documents only possible after signing terminal contract
Please note: In the service Notification Import Documentation 2.0, the aforementioned terminals have been added to the selection list. If you are unable to select these terminals, you will still be required to conclude a terminal contract for these terminals.

You can sign these terminal contracts via our application form for existing customers. In order to sign these contracts, in the form you should only select the additional terminals where pre-notification is not yet possible. After completing the application form, these terminals will be activated for you. If you have any questions, please contact

Do you work with an in-house system?
We have now notified all software suppliers about the recently connected terminals. If you are developing your own EDI interface, click here for an overview of the necessary terminal-specific message codes.

At which terminals, prenotification via Portbase is mandatory?
Pre-notification of customs documents via Portbase has already been mandatory at a number of other terminals for a long time now. A current overview of these terminals can be found in our terminal selector.

See the solution for Brexit in Dutch ports in 3 minutes.

Further information
If you have a question about the Portbase services, our Service Desk will be happy to help you. The Service Desk can be contacted on +31 (0)88 625 25 25 or at Please contact them directly if you have any specific questions for the terminals. The contact details can be found in their own report.

Goods to pass quickly through Dutch ports even after Brexit

Even after Brexit, goods will be able to pass quickly through the Dutch ports. To that end, prenotification of customs documents is essential. Without prenotification, the haulier will not be able to access the terminal. Watch the animation to see which 5 steps are required when you import or export goods through the Dutch ports.