“Get involved and help make sure the port of Rotterdam is seen as a safe place to do business.”

Steinweg joined the Secure Chain, the partnership between business and government for a more secure and reliable release and collection process for import containers, in the pilot phase. It has been a positive experience for them and they are calling on others to participate as well. The aim: to work together to make sure the port of Rotterdam is seen as a safe place to do business.

Steinweg say several aspects of this new way of working are important for the company. For instance, it is no longer necessary for individuals to have access to PINs, making the process safer from a security perspective. In addition, it also improves efficiency. This is because there is no need to wait for forwarders to physically send the data to the transport department, which in turn has to work out the relevant data.

With the 31 March deadline approaching, Steinweg say they face several challenges ahead. But they also experienced a number of benefits during the pilot phase. For instance, the new way of working allows them to more effectively and efficiently transfer sensitive information in a secure, timely and accurate fashion. Finally, they also observed internally that the administrative processing of containers was faster.