Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam will start sharing data elements in Cargo Controller by December 2023

Portbase and terminal Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) are working together to improve data sharing in the port of Rotterdam. Portbase and ECT believe that this cooperation will enable the logistics sector to work more efficiently and safely, in one central platform. Therefore, in December 2023, additional data elements will be displayed in Cargo Controller.

Your benefit

Making ECT data available in the Portbase service Cargo Controller offers you the following advantages:

  • Data from different sources centrally available in Port Community System (PCS).
  • Time savings due to less searching in various systems.
  • Reliable data directly from the terminal
  • Greater efficiency in the logistics chain
  • Retention of relevant data.

The data elements

The following data elements will be added to the Cargo Controller service in December 2023:

ECT applies conditions for accessing the data. These may vary per element. Read more about ECT conditions and data elements here. For all elements you need to have a MyTerminal account with ECT. We advise you to create your account in time. If not, you risk losing necessary data. Read here what you need to do to keep your discharge confirmation.

MyData in IAMconnected environment

Due to the new link between Portbase and ECT, you as the main user or data manager of your organisation will have access to the MyData environment in the IAMconnected home screen.  Through MyData, you will be able to view and manage all of your data authorisations in the future. You do not need to take any action at this time.

Would you like to know more about MyData? Then click here.

Data availability.

The named data elements are made available to Cargo Controller customers. Both web screen users, and customers using an API system link will see the same information for now. In 2024, other conditions will be imposed on the use of ECT data in Cargo Controller API. You will be informed about any changes in a timely manner.