Important upgrade for service Transit Declaration

The service Transit Declaration will get an important update. After intense preparations, we started a pilot for Transit Declaration 2.0. This service will ease the process for declarations even more. The duration of the pilot depends on the progress we make. As soon as we are satisfied with the results of the pilot, we will launch the service for all customers. We will contact you by that time.

Some of the advantages of Transit Declaration 2.0 compared to the current version Transit Declaration:

  • A trigger date allows declarations to be sent out automatically at a later point in time
  • Documents can be shared with customers and shippers automatically when customs report the container ‘in transit’
  • Maximum reuse of data from the ATO notification. Blanc declarations will remain possible too.
  • New look & feel: for shipping lines the look and feel are similar to the services Vessel Notification and Cargo Notification Import
  • Ability to (re)view history of events related to the declaration. Who edited/added something and when?
  • New, up-to-date technical basis allows easier compliance with functional requirements. Over time, it will be possible to create a Performing Notification Export Documentation from Transit Declaration 2.0. Once the Container Release Message is launched for Transit Declaration 2.0, the check on ATA will be easy to implement.
  • Involved parties with Transit Declaration can receive updates by integrating an API connection

By the time, the service goes live, more info, FAQ and instruction videos can be found on the support-site.