Smooth transition to new Customs rules on entry (ICS2)


The European Union is introducing the Import Control System 2 (ICS2) for the maritime sector as of June 3, 2024. Declarations for the ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) and ATO (Declaration to Temporary Storage) will change significantly as a result. But good news: in consultation with the community, Portbase will automatically adjust the services Pre-arrival Cargo Declaration Import (for the ENS) and Cargo Declaration Import (for the ATO) for you.

The updated services closely match the wishes of our participants.
Together with industry associations and customer groups, we have sought a solution with minimal impact and optimal preservation of data for reuse in the continuation of the logistics chain. In particular, we are greatly expanding the ENS service for the new ICS2 legislation. Via Portbase, it will also be possible to make ENS reports in other European ports. The renewed services are suitable for all sectors: bulk, ferry, containers (shortsea, feeder, deepsea) and general cargo.

The impact of ICS2 for the declarant.

In brief, ICS2 ensures the following changes:

  • ENS declarations occur at a central European system (Shared Trader Interface, STI) instead of at Customs in the first member state of entry
  • The new ENS requires much more data. Whereas summary data (at master level) is sufficient now, more detailed data will soon be required (at house level)
  • Multiple parties may submit the required data for the ENS (= multiple filing)
  • The Notification of Arrival of the vessel in the EU is also done in the central European system
  • The submission of the ATO for goods unloaded in the port is done as now with the national customs authority. However:
    • The data common in the ENS and ATO must not deviate from each other
    • The declarant may refer to the ENS in the ATO. As a result, less data will be needed when submitting.

Pricing of renewed Portbase services

Extending the services Pre-arrival Cargo Declaration Import and Cargo Declaration Import for ICS2 leads to more costs. We are linking to a central European system, the number of transactions is growing and requires more checks and balances. We incorporate this into our rates. As is well known, Portbase operates on a non-profit basis. Our rates cover costs. Questions about what this means for you? Please contact us.


Service Pre-arrival Cargo Declaration Import: ENS international

By linking to the central European system STI for ICS2, participants can submit their ENS declarations for all European ports through our service Pre-arrival Cargo Declaration Import. We also provide the Notification of Arrival to the European system. Internationally operating companies thus have one central solution. In case of multiple filing, you as shipping company, shipbroker or agent submit your part of the information (master data) via Cargo Declaration Import. For submitting house data for multiple filing, you make separate arrangements with the forwarder or shipper. Portbase does not support this.

Service Cargo Declaration Import: ready for changed requirements

The introduction of ICS2 changes the current ATO into a TSD (Temporary Storage Declaration) or TSR (Temporary Storage Reuse). A TSD requires submission of a complete data set (at the house level). For a TSR, the required dataset is more limited and further reference is made to the previous ENS. The updated Service Cargo Declaration Import notification is suitable for both scenarios. In the case of a TSR in which the ENS declaration runs outside Portbase, it has been agreed with the community that the shipping company, shipbroker or agent will always continue to supply us with the master data. Reuse of this data is essential for the optimal functioning of numerous processes in the continuation of the logistics chain, such as:

  • Automated and uniform notifications of customs inspections and subsequent release
  • Reuse of cargo data in multiple follow-up entries
  • A fully automated process for transhipment (REN)
  • Exchange of unloading lists and unloading discrepancies between Customs, shipping company and terminal
  • Optimal planning for hinterland parties.

Message specification coming soon

The message specifications for the updated Pre-arrival Cargo Declaration Import and Cargo Declaration Import will be available in the near future for both EDI and API. You will receive further information from us at that time. Our advice is to reserve capacity in advance. Both for your own IT development and connecting to Portbase.

Prepare ahead of time

The introduction of ICS2 also has an impact for your clients. For the ENS, for example, you will need more data from them. You can read extensive information about ICS2 on the European Union website, in the Union Customs Code and on the Dutch Customs website. Included is a helpful outline of the updated Portbase services. In the coming months, we will inform you in detail about follow-up steps through several channels. If you have any questions before then, please contact account manager Michiel de Ruijter from our Sales Department at 088 – 625 25 00 or

In close consultation with the community, Portbase unburdens you in a timely manner for all ICS2 changes. Moreover, all data is retained for optimal reuse. Together with you, we make existing and upcoming port logistics processes ever smarter.

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