Increased efficiency thanks to ETA information


Where is the vessel with my container? That’s always the key question for companies who receive containers from our port or arrange their transport. From now on, following a successful Proof of Concept, shippers, freight forwarders and carriers will have access to ETA information from the terminals, through the Portbase service Cargo Controller. This is a big step, which will lead to increased efficiency in whole transport chains.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and Portbase developed a Proof of Concept together, in which more than 15 companies, including shippers, carriers and freight forwarders, took part. They also indicated how they would prefer to receive their ETA information. Deep-sea terminals and other companies always provide ETA predictions based on their own schedules, in some cases even including the expected unloading time of a container.

”We’re very satisfied with the expansion of terminal ETA information in Portbase Cargo Controller. A lot of logistics information is fragmented in the port. Until recently, that was also the case for information regarding the arrival of vessels in the port of Rotterdam. This integration enables us to optimise our planning and makes us better able to inform our clients about the status of their shipment.”

Throughout the Proof of Concept, users indicated that they would prefer to receive this data centrally, through a Portbase service or a system link that can be integrated into their existing operational systems. 

The aim was to have the market’s most reliable information available at a single location, so that planning and operation can be optimised. We succeeded in that by creating the possibility of integrating the data elements pertaining to such information as the ETA from the terminals into the Portbase service, Cargo Controller. 

Ligplaatsdata service via Vessel visit api

Value for hinterland parties

Value for shippers and freight forwarders

  • Real-time uitwisseling van informatie met alle betrokken partijen in de logistieke keten.
  • Automatische updates over ETA/ATA/ETD/ATD informatie.
  • Directe communicatie met haven- en douaneautoriteiten voor snelle afhandeling.
  • Efficiënt afhalen op terminals en optimale leveringsplanning.

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