Enhancement trough data

Better planning starts with more and better data. In addition to the data that is currently available in the service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN), planners have indicated that they have a substantial need for additional data from a reliable source. For example on:

  • Cargo opening and closing times for the delivery of containers at a terminal.
  • Estimated times of arrival (ETA) of seagoing vessels at the terminal.
  • Commercial release of cargo by the shipping line.
  • Gate in/gate out notifications about containers by the terminal.
  • Expected moment of unloading of containers from the ship by the terminal.

Currently, planners obtain much of this additional information by visiting the websites of individual terminals and shipping lines. This is very time-consuming and does not always yield the accurate data required for optimal container planning. Especially at present, with large-scale disruptions of sailing schedules, increasingly larger ships and congestion in the port, it is almost impossible to properly plan. The ambition is to make available all the data that the planner needs via HCN.

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