Rail Service Center (RSC) connected to Hinterland Container Notification

From today, 5 July, you can prenotify containers and visits to RSC via Portbase’s Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Road. For the time being, doing so is not compulsory. After prenotification, the necessary status information is automatically sent and you will receive a TAR code that your driver can use at the gate right away. From August, prenotification and the use of a TAR code will be required by RSC. TAR codes can not be used for the drop off of units containing hazardous goods/RID.

Connecting RSC to HCN Road will bring the following benefits:

  • A single digital gateway for terminals and depots will increase uniform prenotification coverage in the Port of Rotterdam
  • Prior insight into container status by means of status requests and prenotifications
  • Straightforward access to the terminal with a TAR (Truck Appointment Reference) code
  • No need to go to the service counter
  • Your drivers can pass through the terminal more quickly

Practical information
If you are working with HCN Road via a system link, you will find the necessary codes below. We have also communicated these codes to your software vendor.

You can view a summary of terminal-specific message codes here.

We’re happy to help
If you have any questions, Portbase Customer Service will be happy to help you. You can reach them at customerservice@portbase.com and/or on +31 88 625 25 25.