All real-time cargo information direct from the source!

real time lading informatie direct van de bron

As a forwarder or importer, you are always looking for real-time, direct information on your import cargo. When is the vessel expected to arrive? What is its actual arrival time? What are the B/L details? When will my container actually be discharged? What is the weight? And so on. Of course, you can always consult the shipping company and terminal websites, check with your suppliers and carriers, etc. However, that is not an ideal solution. It does not guarantee quality and simply takes up a lot of your time.

Real-time cargo information day and night

Opt for complete cargo information direct from the source. Over a period of twenty years, Portbase has gradually built up a comprehensive Port Community System (PCS) for the Dutch ports. We now have more than 5,000 participating firms: virtually all the shipping companies, shipbrokers, terminals, road, rail and inland waterway carriers and an increasing number of forwarders and importers. Via the PCS, they exchange real-time information about cargo and transport with each other and with the authorities day and night.

The same cargo information that Customs see

This data can also be available to you. With Cargo Controller, you have real-time access to your B/L cargo data 24 hours a day. You get to see the same data that Customs do. That means all the information for real-time tracking and control of your incoming cargo, brought together in one place. Which prevents queries about declarations and allows your goods to get to the hinterland as quickly as possible.

If you have outsourced this process to others, Cargo Controller makes it easy for you to keep your finger on the pulse. That way you are not dependent on others for your information and you avoid unpleasant surprises in terms of planning.

Data direct from the source. You won’t find anything more complete than Cargo Controller! Easily available in subscription form via the web or an API system link. Interested in Cargo Controller? Request a demo today. Or download our white paper ‘Day and night control of your import cargo’.