How is the port faring in this stormy Corona period?

In these uncertain times, Portbase wishes to offer insight into trends and developments in connection with the goings-on in and around the Port of Rotterdam. Through this insight, we hope to help businesses shed light on the current situation for those within their own organisations. The dashboard will be updated with new information from the Port Community System (PCS) every week.

Portbase continues to innovate for you even in these times

The coronavirus is having a severe impact on our society. Port activities and logistics are no exception. As far as possible, the Dutch ports continue to operate at full capacity. To support this, Portbase is ensuring the continuity of its digital services. Stable operation of the Port Community System is essential to the fast and smooth flow of all cargo. Portbase has taken measures to ensure that stability.

Portbase is also involved in numerous projects to improve and expand our services in the future. In implementing these projects, we are taking the current difficult conditions for port and logistics businesses into account as far as possible.At each step, we first weigh the impact on all parties involved. In this Update, you can read what to expect from Portbase in the coming period as a forwarder or shipper.



Impact of Covid-19 and continuity of service

The Dutch ports are now facing the start of the fifth week since the coronavirus measures issued by the Dutch government went into effect. The extension of the current measures means we will all need to cooperate remotely for an additional period and ensure that continuity of our service is maintained.

In recent weeks, the Port Community System has maintained operational stability and Portbase has been in contact with many different stakeholders to gain their perspectives on scheduled releases and upcoming implementations. Portbase intends to share the results of these talks and how they will affect players in the logistical chain in the near future. In the meantime, one reassuring sign is that the vast majority of organisations contacted by Portbase see no reason to drastically alter the planned dates for release and implementation. Last week, and following consultation with the clients involved, Portbase therefore launched the pilot phase of Cargo Tracker, a new service that offers insight into Track & Trace information.

Portbase is exploring available capacity and the feasibility of scheduled timelines within its own organisation as well. Depending on further measures, only certain specific timelines are expected to encounter delay. Parties will, for instance, be moving ahead with the implementation of IAMconnected, a new login method. After consulting various sector organisations, however, it has been decided that the roll-out will occur between now and the summer in order to give clients time to prepare. A complete overview of all projects and the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic will be provided soon.

In the coming period, Portbase will continue to dedicate itself to ensuring stability so that the digital infrastructure of the Dutch ports can continue to function as smoothly as possible. Portbase, along with its Service Desk and staff, naturally remain available to clients by phone and e-mail.


How is Portbase dealing with the coronavirus?

Portbase is following the measures taken by the Cabinet to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. The most important priority is the health of our employees. That means Portbase is asking its employees to work from home as much as possible, that employees will not be attending any large gatherings and that Portbase will not be holding any meetings or external gatherings unless strictly necessary. Portbase is making sure that the continuity of its services is guaranteed.

Stable operation of the Port Community System is very important to all parties in the port. Portbase has taken measures to ensure this stability. In addition, Portbase is taking account of developments in society and the market.  When issuing new releases and implementations, Portbase will weigh up the potential impact on all parties involved on a case-by-case basis.

Portbase, the Service Desk and its employees will of course remain available by telephone and e-mail, and standby services will also remain unchanged.