CMA CGM Holland BV is expanding the roll-out of the Secure Chain


CMA CGM Holland BV is expanding the roll-out of the Secure Chain system to release shipments to customers without the use of pincodes. The new system increases the security of the release from carrier to customer, forwarder and haulier. The pincodes have been removed from the process to ensure that no sensitive details can be shared with third parties. Within Portbase there are very easy to use functionalities to receive and nominate shipment releases.

“We are confident that using the new Secure Chain system is a very important step towards the increased safety of our staff. We see a smooth transfer nominating the “rights” of the shipment from carrier to customer and then onwards to the final party who will pick up the container at the terminal. Multi Factor Authentication is mandatory to log into Portbase which ensures we have a full track record of all entries.”

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