Port Authority adds Boxinsider to Portbase

The Port of Rotterdam is adding the Track & Trace service Boxinsider, launched in October 2019, to Portbase. The transition will begin immediately. With this move, the Port of Rotterdam is taking the next step towards an integrated logistics network. At Portbase, the Track & Trace service will become part of the improved import services for cargo under the name Cargo Tracker. 

Complementary services

Portbase manages the digital infrastructure of the Dutch ports. It provides various types of services to all the parties involved in the port and the onward logistics chain. Track & Trace services are part of the total offer. The Port of Rotterdam and Portbase currently have separate data, knowledge and services that Track & Trace supports. Combining the Track & Trace activities of both organisations will create a more complete service and a clear proposition towards the market.

Pilot phase

Cargo Tracker will be available as a pilot in the spring of 2020. Apart from visual changes to the screen, customers who were already connected to Boxinsider brands will not notice any impact from the transition. Customers who register will be able to use the service free of charge in the pilot phase. The official launch will take place before the summer. The new service enables the parties involved to keep track of the cargo they handle or are the recipients of. Cargo Tracker is therefore particularly suitable for parties who outsource their logistics and reporting obligations but still want to keep an eye on the cargo flow in order to adjust their own processes and planning accordingly.

Close partnership

The Port of Rotterdam and Portbase will continue to work together to develop and market these and future services. Their common goal is for customers to experience the port as a seamless part of their logistics chain. With this partnership, the Port of Rotterdam is confirming its position as the digital leader in smart port logistics.

From cargo information to cargo control

Portbase is currently working on the further development of its existing service Cargo Information 2.0.  This upgraded service, now called Cargo Controller, allows users to easily view and keep track of cargo information, but also to intervene themselves by performing (follow-up) actions and efficiently assigning their own cargo to partners while also monitoring the process. Cargo Tracker is a logical part of this service and will be the first functionality of Cargo Controller to become available.