Prenotification of import documents will soon also be required at inland terminals

Waalhaven Botlek Terminal is the very first inland terminal that will ask you from 13 October 2021 onwards to prenotify your customs documents using the service Notification Import Documentation. In the course of this month R.B.C. Terminal will also ask you to do so. Before a truck actually leaves for one of these terminals, it will also be easy to check whether all the requirements for the relevant import container(s) are in order via Import Status (as from 20 October 2021).

Prenotifying your documents via Notification Import Documentation speeds up the collection of containers. It means your driver spends less time at the counter. As an extra service, hauliers can check in advance using the service Import Status whether the document prenotification has actually been done and the container is therefore ready for collection.

Important! After your prenotification, the details of your customs document will no longer be checked at the counter. When you use Notification Import Documentation, you confirm that you have prepared your customs documents correctly. Please bear the following requirements in mind:

  • For R.B.C. Terminal you must specify the correct previous procedure; this is the R.B.C. acceptance number, which you can get from them.
  • For Waalhaven Botlek Terminal, you must specify the correct previous procedure; this is Waalhaven Botlek Terminal’s RTO permit number: NLCWPNL000702-2020-AFF69084.

First inland terminals, more to follow
Waalhaven Botlek Terminal and R.B.C. Terminal are both located in the heart of the port of Rotterdam and function mainly as inland terminals. Portbase wants to connect more inland terminals at which containers are subject to customs checks in the near future. This will further improve the logistics chain, to the benefit of all parties. Notification Import Documentation and Import Status have been modified especially for this purpose.

Further information
The use of Notification of Import Documentation is subject to charges. There is no charge for using the service Import Status. You do need to request this service. For more information, please contact the Portbase sales department on +31(0)88 625 25 34 or You can also request the services directly via

Need help?
At Portbase Support, you will find instruction videos, a quick start guide and the answers to frequently asked questions for Notification Import Documentation and Import Status. Still have questions? Our Service Desk will be pleased to help. You can reach them via or +31(0)88 625 2525.