Barge and road transport at RST North will also pre-notify via Portbase

rst noord

From 21 October 2019 8:00 road hauliers and barge operators can pre notify all their visits and containers to Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals North via the Portbase services Hinterland Container Notification Road (web and API interface), Road Planning (EDI) and Barge Planning (from autumn 2019 Hinterland Container Notification). Once you have submitted a pre-notification, you will automatically receive status information. Each visit can be planned optimally and the truck driver can finish his terminal visit much faster.

The pre notification via Portbase is part of the implementation of a new Terminal Operating System of RST North. With this introduction and the complete transition to Portbase’s chain solutions, RST North wants to serve its customers even better in the future. You can read more information on this flyer and on the RST website.

Please note: in the course of 2020, pre-notification of containers will also be possible for RST South.

Pre-notification of Customs documents via Portbase as well
Also the pre notification of Customs documents at RST Noord will be completely submitted via Portbase from 21 October 2019. This is done via the Portbase services Notification Import Documentation and Notification Export Documentation. From the end of October it is no longer possible to pre-notify customs documents via the RST website.

Additional note: On 21 October, it will become possible to prenotify Customs documents at RST South as well.

Further information
If you have any questions, our Service Desk will be pleased to help. You can contact them on 0031 88-625 2525 or