Pre-notification via Portbase soon expanded with Remote Check-In at ECT


As of Monday the 26th of September, Remote Check-In will be made available in phases via the Portbase service Hinterland Container Notification Road (HCN Road) for pre-notifying your visits to Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT).

By submitting a complete and correct pre-notification in the service HCN Road, your driver will no longer need to go to building 5 at the ECT Delta terminal. This will expectedly save approximately 15 minutes per visit. A driver can proceed faster at the ECT Euromax terminal as well.

Market launch

Remote Check-In will be available in HCN Road for all hauliers as of Monday the 26th of September. A pilot is currently underway. ECT and Portbase are gradually scaling up the number of participants. You will be notified in time by ECT when it is your company’s turn. You will also receive information on how to make optimum use of Remote Check-In. ECT will discontinue its existing RCI function which is available through its own E-Service as of the 1st of November.

Part of Data Fuel

The addition of Remote Check-In to HCN Road is part of the Data Fuel program. In the coming years, Portbase will be working with a large number of parties to introduce improvements, solutions and innovations that will make hinterland container transport smarter, more efficient and more sustainable.

This is done on the basis of five focal points:

  • Improving the ease of use (services and support)
  • Expanding the number of connected parties (more terminals and depots)
  • Enhancing, by making more information available
  • Innovating (together with partners)
  • Trust in the chain (security)

The introduction of Remote Check-In for visits to Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam is both part of Enhancement, of the data that is available in HCN Road for road hauliers and part of Trust. The introduction of Remote Check-In makes the gate process safer. The PIN code is no longer required when carrying out the journey. It is replaced by the RCI number. In addition, the journey can only be carried out by a driver with a cargo card from the organisation that also created the Remote Check-In or the delegated carrier (charter).

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