Port community chooses safer import container release process with Secure Chain

Physical and digital security in the port logistics chain are under pressure. At the request of Deltalinqs, evofenedex, Fenex, GroentenFruit Huis, KBN, TLN, VRC and VRTO, Portbase has therefore developed the Secure Chain, as an extension to the existing Portbase services.

The Secure Chain creates a more secure import container release process and so contributes to maintaining the security of port-related distribution processes in the Netherlands.

How does the Secure Chain work?

In the Secure Chain, chain parties must explicitly pass on the release (the right to collect a container) to the next link in the chain.

This working method guarantees that only the parties involved can perform actions and access data. This prevents bad actors from gaining access to cargo or cargo information using an illegally obtained ‘key’ or PIN code.


What is the schedule for implementing the Secure Chain?

In recent months, the operation of the Secure Chain has been successfully tested in practice.  The port community is now beginning the phased rollout of the Secure Chain.

This means that all the parties involved in the import container release process will have to start revising their methods and possibly their systems accordingly.


Hence this call to action: get involved and start preparing for the Secure Chain now.