Portbase says goodbye to Voyage Information

As of 29th of February 2024, Portbase will say goodbye to the Voyage Information service.

Since 2006, Portbase has been offering the Voyage Information service free of charge for tracking vessels in the Dutch ports. This was done in addition to tracking container cargo via Cargo Controller (formerly called Cargo Information).

Currently, the Voyage Information service no longer meets the technical standards used by Portbase. In addition to this, the arrival of the Cargo Controller and Hinterland Container Notification has caused a significant drop in the use of Voyage Information, so it is no longer necessary to continue offering this service.

Therefore, the Voyage Information service will be shut down on 29th of February 2024. Please make sure to switch to one of the two alternatives (Cargo Controller or Hinterland Container Notification) in time, to prevent you from missing out on (possible) information. Depending on your role, you can choose to use either Cargo Controller or Hinterland Container Notification.

Cargo Controller
For customers with the role of shipper or forwarder who are not yet using Cargo Controller, we recommend switching to Cargo Controller before the date above. Cargo Controller gives you personal control over your cargo. More information about Cargo Controller can be found here.

Hinterland Container Notification
For customers with the role of carrier who are not yet using Hinterland Container Notification, we recommend switching to Hinterland Container Notification before the above date. Hinterland Container Notification offers you a multimodal prenotification portal for prenotifying visits and containers. More information about Hinterland Container Notification can be found here.

If you have any questions or require more information about the discontinuation of the service Voyage Information, please contact the Sales department on +31(0)88 625 25 34 or at sales@portbase.com.