Data speeds up handling of delayed Suez ships in Rotterdam port

The Suez Canal blockage has delayed many sea-going vessels. Because ships arrive in Rotterdam after the Suez blockage delayed and in quick succession, there are many shifts in the planning. The result is much uncertainty about the expected arrival of ships.

In order to offer transporters, shippers and other parties up-to-date information about the arrival times of ships, Portbase, together with the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the terminals of APM, ETC and RWG, has taken the initiative to develop a real-time overview of arrival times on its website.

Real-time information

From today, carriers, shippers and clients can see in advance when which ships are scheduled to arrive in Rotterdam. Hauliers collecting containers from Rotterdam can use this real-time information to make preparations well before the ship visits the port.

One central overview

The overview on the website is the only one that offers direct insight into the terminal schedules of all deep-sea terminals in the port of Rotterdam in one central overview. As a result, the website offers the most reliable information on the arrival of ships in the port of Rotterdam. This temporary service demonstrates the added value of sharing data for the entire logistics chain.

Cargo Controller

The expected time of arrival of ships is also available in the Portbase service Cargo Controller. This service is aimed at shippers and forwarders and is suitable for handling import flows. Portbase works continuously with its community to expand and improve this service.