Live blog Brexit

Portbase is a digital platform in the Dutch ports. We make it easy for companies to complete their customs formalities for import and export digitally via our platform. We do this same thing for Brexit. Follow the latest developments about Brexit and our services here.

  • First working week after Brexit goes well

    Portbase looks back on the first week with a positive feeling. Our system has been 100% operational and we have been able to process a wave of new last-minute registrations (200 pieces). The expected traffic jams and delays have not occurred in and around the Dutch ports. Information from the Rijkswaterstaat (Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) and the terminals shows that this week 1 out of every 10 lorries was referred to the emergency car parks. This means that at 10% something went wrong in the preparations. This can be in many different areas.

    Portbase can only speak about the pre-notification. We emphasize that every carrier can check in advance whether the pre-notification has been properly taken care of by the planner or client. Via our Import Status and Track & Trace Export services, the status of the shipment can be seen real-time. If this is not complete, do not drive! The terminal does not give you access to the premises. When it comes to pre-notification, there is never any need for a driver to end up in the emergency car park.

    Need help or curious about answers to this week’s most frequently asked questions? Take a look at our support page.


  • Stable Brexit weekend at Portbase

    Portbase successfully passed the Brexit weekend. The system was 100% operational and available, with no technical issues. As of today, the working week starts with increasing volumes and more incoming and outgoing vessels. Need help or support? Check our support page.


  • Digital clearance was performed without any problems on the first departure for and entry from the UK

    The digital clearance of freight via Portbase was performed without any problems on the first departure for the UK and entry from the UK. Volumes are expected to increase after the weekend. Correct pre-notification (see our support page for instructions and frequently asked questions) and checking in advance whether the shipment is actually allowed to enter or leave the terminal are very important. Via the services Import Status and Track & Trace Export, every forwarder can see the status of the shipment they are transporting.