New version of Cargo Declaration Import available soon

Portbase will shortly be introducing an updated service Cargo Declaration Import. The existing service has been migrated and is therefore ready for the future. This meets a wish expressed by the Portbase customer panel of Shipping Companies & Shipbrokers. A pilot project with a number of container shipbrokers and bulk agents will now follow. If, after a month, everyone is satisfied with its operation, all the other shipbrokers and agents will also switch to the new service. You will be informed in good time when the pilot is over and we are ready to migrate you.

Key benefits of the updated service
• The service will be available as a separate tab next to the tabs for Vessel Notification and Notification Dangerous Goods. This means you will have a complete overview of your notifications for vessel and cargo on a single screen.
• You can easily search to see who notified what and when, and when the notifications were accepted by Customs. Access to the user history was a strongly expressed wish on the part of the customer panel.
• The service automatically determines whether an ENS and/or ATO needs to be notified to Customs. If an ENS is required first, once Customs has approved it, an ATO is also automatically sent to Customs.
• You can send Customs an update at any time. It is no longer necessary to wait until a previous notification has been approved.

The services Discharge Confirmation Report, Cargo Declaration Status Report and Discharge List were included in the update. The advantages of these services also work in combination with the updated Cargo Declaration Import.

If you notify import cargo using a system link,
you don’t need to change anything to the way the message (IFTMCS) is sent. The content of the message has not changed either. It is also possible to link via API, as an alternative to both the messages and the e-mail notifications.

Detailed user information will be made available via Portbase Support when the service goes live. There you will find a Quick Start Guide, answers to frequently asked questions and more.

Michiel de Ruiter

Specialist, Shippers/Shipping Companies/Agents

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