Logging into the Port Community System is changing


Security and convenience go hand in hand with IAMconnected
Logging into the Port Community System (PCS) is changing. In the future, everyone will be logging in with IAMconnected, a new service from Portbase that combines greater convenience with increased security. Portbase is aware that everyone is facing additional challenges right now in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. That being said, switching to the new login is extremely easy, we offer comprehensive guidance throughout the process and doing so will offer you concrete advantages.

IAMconnected is the DigiD for port and logistics. In future, it will be possible to access multiple digital services with a single login. It will no longer be necessary to remember separate login details for each service. Logging in once with IAMconnected will be enough. The Port of Rotterdam (for My Port) and Customs are already working with IAMconnected. Portbase will shortly begin transitioning users of the PCS.

What is happening?
In the near future, Portbase will be asking all PCS users to create a personal account on IAMconnected. It will take only a few minutes of your time. The new login procedure for the PCS is both easier and more secure. All you need to do is enter a username and personal password which you have chosen yourself. And if an employee changes jobs, the personal IAMconnected account is simply taken to the new employer.

Step-by-step approach
An essential condition for the secure use of the PCS is that company and user data are up to date. As set out in the Portbase terms & conditions, customers themselves have an important responsibility in this regard. Portbase will support PCS users in:

  • carefully checking the company and user data in the PCS before the switch to IAMconnected;
  • making the switch to IAMconnected for the organisation and for the users.

This will take place in three steps:

  1. All primary contact persons at participating companies will receive a request to check the company data registered with Portbase and check them if necessary.
  2. Portbase will then ask the administrator of the PCS account (the so-called organisation administrator) within a company:
    • to check the registered users and update them if necessary;
    • to create an IAMconnected account for themselves first;
    • to submit their company as a participant in IAMconnected.
  3. Finally, Portbase will ask all users:
    • to create their own personal accounts in IAMconnected;
    • to link those accounts to the companies they work for.

The new secure and easy login procedure will then be complete. Portbase is offering a lengthy transition period. All participating companies and users will be given sufficient time to make the switch.

More information

For more information about IAMconnected, please visit our special support page. Do you have any further questions? Please contact our Customer Service, they will be pleased to help you.

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