Notification Local Clearance now offers more possibilities

Shortly before the summer, we introduced the new service Notification Local Clearance 2.0 for your benefit. In doing so, our first priority was ensuring your ability to quickly and easily comply with the legal obligation to submit local clearance notification to the government checkpoint Single Window for maritime and air, with no further hassle. Now that this has been achieved for both web-based and EDI clients, we’ve turned our attention to providing you with additional user possibilities as quickly as possible.

You can expect to see the following in the very near future:

Multiple colleagues can now submit local clearance notifications simultaneously (already realised): as a result of changes to Customs processes, it was initially no longer possible for multiple people to work in Notification Local Clearance at the same time.
We have since identified a solution, meaning there is no longer any need for you and your colleagues to wait for one another to finish. Now you and multiple colleagues can submit your respective local clearance notifications to Customs simultaneously.

Download delivery orders as PDFs with barcodes: from mid-August, you will (once again) be able to download the delivery order for every local clearance notification as a PDF, including a barcode for easy reuse in any further processing within your organisation.

Linked B/Ls to be displayed automatically: this function is scheduled to become available in the second half of August. Any B/Ls you link in Cargo Information will immediately be displayed in the ‘New notification’ screen in Notification Local Clearance.
If you have provided a reference number of your own when creating the link, this will be shown as well. You can immediately select the B/L for which you would like to submit a local clearance notification.

Email notification of Customs approval: as soon as possible following the previously listed actions, we will once again make it possible to have the service send an email notification to yourself or your client the moment your local clearance notification has been approved by Customs.

We will inform you of the exact date on which this option will become available via
a pop-up in the service itself.

Working group formed to identify additional desires
In the short term, we plan to meet with an extensive working group composed of shipbrokers and forwarders. During this meeting, we want to explore whether any vital aspects will be left to address once we’ve taken the aforementioned actions in the service. We will naturally share additional details of the results with you later on.

More information
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