12 Notification Local Clearance

Optimum use of simplified Customs procedures.


  • Efficient use of the DIN and DEN procedures
  • Reduced likelihood of error messages, mismatches and dispatch problems with Customs
  • Streamlined, paperless warehousing and pick-up of goods

The service Notification Local Clearance enables you to make optimum advantage of simplified Customs procedures. This allows the free movement of goods arriving by sea (DIN procedure) or their transport to a local clearance bonded warehouse (DEN procedure).

Din and DEN arrangements

The service Notification Local Clearance makes the use of these simplified Customs procedures extremely simple. It allows you to then store or pick up your cargo at the container terminals without any further formalities. This means that transport to the storage depot – such as a distribution centre or terminal – will require no additional Customs documents. It will, however, be necessary for the local clearance bonded warehouse operator to consult with Customs in order to meet various administrative requirements.

Status of all your notifications displayed in one convenient dashboard

Using the service Notification Local Clearance, you can submit the Local Clearance notifications necessary for the DIN and/or DEN procedure(s) to Customs. Within the Port Community System (PCS), we then fill in the majority of the information on your behalf. All you need do is enter the permit and Customs number of the permit holder. A convenient dashboard will keep you updated on the status of your notifications.

In combination with…

Notification Local Clearance always works in combination with the service Cargo Controller. All data necessary for compiling the local clearance notifications will come directly from this service. Mismatches and dispatch problems are herwith prevented.

For the Bulk sector, too

Within the Bulk sector, the service Notification Local Clearance is available only to agents.

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For cargo type

  • Containers
  • Break bulk
  • Target groups
    • Agent
    • Forwarder
    • Importer
    • Shipbroker, Shipping company
    • Terminal