Update on the upgrade of the service Transit Declaration

In the previous news about the rebuilding of the service Transit Declaration, you have read that the service is getting a major upgrade. We are happy to announce that as of September 5 all users will be transitioned to this updated service. This means that you create new declarations in the updated service and finish and review declarations in the old service. After a period of time, the old service will be turned off. 

Since March we have been piloting our updated service. Based on valuable feedback, we have fixed some bugs and added several extra features. For instance, it is possible to send a declaration on ATA of the ship and containers can be found faster. The other advantages of the updated service are: 

  • A trigger date allows declarations to be sent out automatically at a later point in time.
  • Documents can be shared with customers and shippers automatically when customs report the container ‘in transit’.
  • Maximum reuse of data from the ATO notification. Blanc declarations will remain possible too. 
  • New look & feel: for shipping lines, the look and feel are similar to the services Vessel Notification and Cargo Notification Import.
  • Ability to (re)view the history of events related to the declaration. Who edited/added something and when? 
  • A new, up-to-date technical basis allows for easier compliance with functional requirements. Over time, it will be possible to create a Performing Notification Export Documentation from Transit Declaration.
  • Involved parties with Transit Declaration can receive updates by integrating an API connection.

Finally, we will copy all templates and guarantees to Transit Declaration 2.0 and new instruction videos will be posted on our support page. 

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.