26 Road Planning System Interface

Will be replaced in 2020 by Hinterland Container Notification Road

The basis for fast and efficient container handling at sea terminals.


  • Simple pre-notification of your containers
  • Shorter turnaround time of your driver at the terminal
  • Status feedback prevents unnecessary trips

Each terminal visit proceeds efficiently

Through Road Planning you easily report the arrival of your drivers at sea terminals. The container terminals can therefore prepare the visit well which assures a shorter turnaround time for the driver at the terminal. You receive automatic feedback on the status of your containers (present, commercial release, customs blocked, customs documents present). This prevents unnecessary trips.

Condition to pick up or deliver

At APM Terminals Maasvlakte ll (APMT MVll), APM Terminals Rotterdam and Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) pre-notification via Portbase is the condition to pick up or deliver containers. You can also pre-notify your containers via Portbase at the Hutchison Ports ECT Delta and Hutchison Ports ECT Euromax.

Request slot time at RWG en APMT MVll

At RWG, APMT MVll and APMTR , you request a slot time together with your pre-notification. This allows the automatic terminals to make optimum use of their available capacity for you.

Back-up service Road Planning

If there is an unexpected disruption to the regular service Road Planning, a back-up service will allow you to submit pre-notifications anyway at Hutchison Ports ECT Delta, Hutchison Ports ECT Euromax and Rotterdam World Gateway.
You can access the back-up service for Road Planning through this link. At any time, however, you can click on the same link to request a password for accessing the back-up. We recommend you do this immediately. That way, you’ll be able to use the back-up service right away when you need it. Read more here.

Use is free for road hauliers

Due to the strategic importance of good advance information to the functioning of the port, participation in the service Road Planning is free of charge for road hauliers. These costs will be covered by Port of Rotterdam Authority and Amsterdam Port Authority. Sea terminals will be required to pay a contribution for use.

Connection fee

Decided you prefer a system interface? Our interface specialists will be happy to help you realise such a link. There is a one-off connection charge of € 249.50 (exclusive of VAT). Users who subscribe to a service via a system interface will also receive a subscription to the web interface at no extra charge. Portbase is a non-profit organisation.

Here’s how you connect!

For this service, our partners in the logistical chain have established additional requirements of their own. Click here to learn what you will need to do before you can use our service.


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