42 Hinterland Container Notification – Road

Pre-notify containers at sea terminals, inland terminals and depots. This service is available via internet and API system interface.


  • A single entry point and uniform working method for all terminals
  • Gain immediate insight into the progress of container pre-notification and the visit
  • Request container status before submitting your pre-notification (at terminals that offer this service)
  • Possibility to submit pre-notification details via smartphone

API system interface
In addition to the web-based solution, it is possible to use Hinterland Container Notification via an API system interface as well.

Request a slot time at RWG, APMT MVII or APMTR
When submitting your pre-notification, you can simultaneously request a slot time at RWG, APMT MVII or APMTR. This allows the terminals to make optimum use of their available capacity on your behalf.

Back-up service for road hauliers
In case of unforeseen disruption to the regular service, road hauliers like yourself can use a back-up service to submit pre-notifications to ECT Delta, ECT Euromax and Rotterdam World Gateway. You can access the back-up service (when necessary) via this link. At any time, you can click here to request a password for accessing the back-up. We recommend you to do this immediately. That way, you’ll be able to use the back-up service right away when you need it. Learn more here.


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  • Web interface
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