42 Hinterland Container Notification Road

Pre-notify containers at sea terminals, inland terminals and depots.


  • One single portal and a uniform operating method for all terminals
  • Immediate insight into the progress of your pre-notifications for visits and containers
  • Request container status prior to pre-notification (at terminals that support this option)
  • Possible to submit pre-notifications from your smartphone
  • Only complete the relevant fields per terminal

How does this service work?

Through HCN Road, you can easily pre-notify the arrival of your drivers at sea terminals, inland terminals and depots. These parties are consequently able to properly anticipate the visit, meaning your driver is finished sooner. In addition, you will automatically receive feedback on the status of your pre-notified containers (present, commercial release, customs block, customs documentation in order). This allows you to avoid unnecessary trips.

Whilst making your pre-notification, you can also use HCN Road to request a slot time at an increasing number of terminals and depots. These terminals and depots are consequently able to optimally deploy their available capacity for you.

How can I use this service?

HCN Road is available via the web and through an API link-up. API is the new standard in IT for data exchange and connectivity.

Click here for an overview of software companies that offer a system link-up for HCN Road.

Requesting the service and (connection) costs

You can register for participation in HCN Road through this form.

New participants in HCN pay a one-off connection fee. Irrespective of whether you use HCN Road, HCN Barge, HCN Rail or a combination thereof. The day-to-day usage is free-of-charge for road hauliers. A contribution is applicable for terminals and depots. Portbase does not have a profit motive.

Furthermore, as a haulier you will need a CargoCard (with EAN number) to use HCN Road. You can request this from Secure Logistics.

More information?

Portbase Support is the central place on the web for all questions related to working with the Portbase services. You will find essential instructional videos, quick start guides, frequently asked questions and much more that will help you make proper use of the Portbase services.

For questions

Kevin Lammerts
Specialist, Hinterland Send an e-mail +31 (0)88 625 25 34


Are you already a customer and do you have questions about using this service? Go to support.


For cargo type

  • Containers

Available via

  • Web interface
  • System interface
  • Target groups
    • Terminal
    • Road haulier