42 Hinterland Container Notification – Road

Pre-notify containers at sea terminals, inland terminals and depots. This service is available via internet and API system interface.


  • A single portal and uniform method of working for all terminals
  • At-a-glance insight into the progress of your prenotifications for visits and containers
  • Request container status prior to prenotification (at terminals that support this option)
  • Submit prenotifications from your smartphone
  • Fill in only the relevant terminal-specific fields
  • Easily link multiple containers to a single visit
  • Automatic return message with container number, registration number and time of handling following loading/unloading of a container

Web and API connection

Hinterland Container Notification – Road (HCN Road) is available for use via the web and by means of an API connection. The API protocol is the new IT standard for data exchange and connectivity.

Are you still using Road planning EDI?

In that case, you should make the switch to HCN Road API as soon as possible. The specifications and instructions for the required API connection can be found here. Road Planning EDI will be discontinued in the summer of 2020. In situations where it will not be possible to switch in time, Portbase is offering a temporary solution in the form of an EDI converter. This converter will convert container information supplied in EDI to the new MCA format. No further action is required on your part; you will immediately be a virtual client of HCN Road API. We will automatically transition your existing subscription to the new service. However, you will not yet be able to take advantage of all the benefits of a direct link. The use of the EDI converter will be free of charge for the first year. Our aim is to see that you realise your own direct link with HCN Road as quickly as possible.

Important! When using the EDI converter, you will also immediately be working with the new HCN Road web screens. You will receive the necessary instructions in advance.

Part of a broader prenotification portal

HCN Road, like HCN Barge and HCN Rail (in development), is part of a broader service called Hinterland Container Notification. This multimodal prenotification portal makes it possible to submit prenotifications from all modalities to a wide variety of terminals and depots. As a result, in the future it will be extremely easy to switch prenotifications from one modality to another.

Requesting a slot time for RWG, APMT MVll or APMTR
At the same time you submit the prenotification, you will request a slot time at RWG, APMT MVll or APMTR. That way, these terminals can make optimum use of their available capacity for your benefit.

Back-up service for road hauliers
In case of an unexpected disruption in the regular service, road hauliers can use the back-up service to submit their prenotifications to Hutchison Ports ECT Delta, Hutchison Ports ECT Euromax, Rotterdam World Gateway ans APM Terminals Maasvlakte ll. The back-up service is available via this link. Here you can request a password for access to the service at any time. We recommend you do this immediately. That way you will be able to use the back-up service straight away when you need to. Read more about how it works.

Participating terminals and depots

Go here for a list of sea terminals, inland terminals and depots where you can use HCN Road. Some of them require you to use the service.

Here’s how you connect!
Our partners in the logistical chain have established additional requirements of their own for using HCN Road. To find out what you need to do, click here.

Connection fee only
New participants in Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) will pay a one-off connection fee of €249.50 (exclusive of VAT). This applies to all users, whether they participate in HCN Road, HCN Barge, HCN Rail or a combination of these. Due to the strategic importance of good advance information to the functioning of the port, participation in the HCN services is free of further costs for hauliers. These costs will be covered by Port of Rotterdam Authority and Amsterdam Port Authority. All other parties will be required to pay a contribution for use. Portbase is a non-profit organisation.


Questions about this service? Feel free to ask!

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